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      WBLX-500P Excitation Unit


      Scope of application

      Excitation current: <600A;

      Excitation voltage: <150V.

      It's configured with PSS test function.


      Basic configuration

      An excitation transformer: optional for oil-immersed transformer or dry epoxy-resin filled transformer; separate arrangement;

      Two excitation regulators: automatic online switching; optional for dual-core (DSP+ARM) dual-microcomputer excitation regulator or PCC+ single chip microcomputer excitation regulator ;

      Touch screen display;

      Two thyristor fully controlled bridge rectifiers. During normal operation, the two thyristor fully controlled bridge rectifier are operated in parallel connection. When one rectifier quits, the other rectifier can be operated with force excitation.

      A fan;

      A control circuit;

      A field suppression switch and operation circuit;

      A linear field suppression resistor;

      An excitation control circuit;

      A peak voltage absorber;


      Patented technologies

      1. Excitation unit for small hydrogenerator (Patent No.: ZL 2010 2 0225934.2);

      2. DSP microcomputer excitation and governor for hydrogenerator unit (Patent No.: ZL 2010 2 0039511.1).