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    2. Welcome To Wuhan Yangtze River Control Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd..

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      WBLX-300P Excitation Unit

      Scope of application

      Excitation current: <400A;

      Excitation voltage: <150V.

      It's configured with PSS test function.


      Basic configuration

      An excitation transformer: optional for oil-immersed  transformer or dry epoxy-resin filled transformer; separate arrangement;

      Two excitation regulators: automatic online switching; optional for dual-core (DSP+ARM) dual-microcomputer excitation regulator or PCC+ single chip microcomputer excitation regulator ;

      Touch screen display;

      A thyristor three-phase fully-controlled bridge rectifier;

      A fan control loop;

      A field suppression switch and operation circuit;

      A non-linear field suppression resistor;

      An excitation control circuit;


      Patented technologies

      1. Excitation unit for small hydrogenerator (Patent No.: ZL 2010 2 0225934.2);

      2. DSP microcomputer excitation and governor for hydrogenerator unit (Patent No.: ZL 2010 2 0039511.1).