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    2. Welcome To Wuhan Yangtze River Control Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd..

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      Medium and small conventional oil pressure governor


      Main characteristics

      1. Working oil pressure: 2.5/4.0/6.3MPa;

      2. It's controlled by electro-hydraulic proportional valve or digital valve, which features simple and reliable operation;

      3. It's configured with special digital communication interface;

      4. Its shape, structure and layout are identical with that of conventional governor, thus facilitating the upgrading of old equipment;

      5. Operating power: YWT-600/1000/1800/3000/5000/7500KG-M.


      Patented technologies

      Electro-hydraulic proportional follow-up unit for hydroturbine governor (Patent No.: ZL95 2 38033.1)


      Main configuration

      Its electrical system is provided with PLC/PCC controller and Chinese character touch screen;

      Its mechanical system is provided with electro-hydraulic proportional valve or digital valve, which serves as the electro-hydraulic converter.