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    2. Welcome To Wuhan Yangtze River Control Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd..

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      High oil pressure governor



      Main characteristics

      1. Working oil pressure: 12-16MPa;

      2. High-pressure bladder accumulator, which replaces the high-pressure air system for power station;

      3. High level of hydraulic integration; excellent technical performance indexes, and; reliable operation;

      4. Its volume and weight only reach 1/2-1/3 of that for conventional governor;

      5. The hydroturbine unit needs not to be provided with a governor shaft. The hydraulic oscillating cylinder directly replaces the connecting rod to control the speed ring;

      6. Operating power: GYT600/1000/1800/3000/5000/7500/10000/15000/20000/30000kg.m.


      Patented technologies

      Electro-hydraulic proportional follow-up unit for hydroturbine governor (Patent No.: 95 2 38033 1)


      Main configuration

      Its electrical system is provided with PLC/PCC controller and Chinese character touch screen.

      Its mechanical system is controlled by proportional valve or digital valve, and is provided with standard hydraulic parts with sophisticated manufacturing process.