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      Governor of bulb tubular turbine unit



      GLT series governor for tubular turbine unit is a new generation governor developed by the Company according to the features of low rotational inertia, high specific speed, and high TW/Ta in tubular turbine unit. This series has passed related authentication (2002 Jian Zi No. 23).

      Main characteristics

      1. Intelligent PID control for variable parameter and variable structure, which ensures stable operation of turbine unit under different working conditions;

      2. New technology for digital cam, which ensures high operational efficiency and low vibration of turbine unit;

      3. Control technology for electro-hydraulic proportional servo, which ensures high control accuracy;

      4. Sequence closing device, which mitigates the rise of surge pressure, and prevents the surge in turbine unit.

      5. Reliable mechanical runaway protection device, which ensures the safe operation of turbine unit.

      6. Online self-diagnosis and fault handling.

      7. Design for high-level anti-electromagnetic interference.

      8. Special communication interface is adopted to realize the communication with upper computer.



      Patented technologies

      1. Electro-hydraulic proportional follow-up unit for hydroturbine governor (Patent No.: 95 2 38033.1);

      2. AC motor servo unit for hydroturbine governor (Patent No.: 98 2 35303.2);

      3. Main distributing valve with hydraulic internal feedback and automatic return to neutral position (Patent No.: ZL 200620099377.8);

      4. Hydraulic return to neutral position device for flow feedback in the position of main distributing valve (Patent No.: ZL 2008 2 0191121.9).



      Main configuration

      Electrical cabinet: PLC/PCC controller, color touch screen, and digital feedback;

      Mechanical cabinet: electro-hydraulic proportional servo valve, high-reliability main distributing valve with hydraulic internal feedback, and precision oil filter.