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    2. Welcome To Wuhan Yangtze River Control Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd..

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      • 289 Huangpu Street, Jiang 'an District, Wuhan, China

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      • market@cjkz.com

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      Contact Information

      Wuhan Changjiang Control Equipment Institute Co., Ltd.

      Address: No. 289, Huangpu Street, Jiangan District, Wuhan, Hubei Province, P. R. China

      Tel (Fax): 0086-27-82829785

      E-mail: market@cjkz.com

      Market Hotline: 0086-27-82634167/82607552; Ye Wei (Marketing Director; Tel: 0086-27-82634167); Nie Wei (Director of Market Dept.; Mobile: 0086-13871009765)

      Service Hotline: 0086-27-82829786; Zhou Guobin (Director of Project Dept.; Mobile: 0086-13995531117); Xie Junhai (Director of Power Station Service Dept.; Mobile: 0086-15927632080)

      Branch Offices: Mr.. Zhang (Kunming, Yunnan Province; Mobile: 0086-13995690782); Mr. Li (Chengdu, Sichuan Province; Mobile: 0086-13594877111)